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Data Migration

Data migration

Data migration is a complex process and carries a great deal of risk. What it’s basically about is a numerous steps that need to be done in a precise order which if not done, the entire project could be in jeopardy.

Technology advancements, IT budgetary criteria’s, and business uncertainties in the market have pushed several organizations to open source platform migrations.

Data Migration is a challenge for any ERP implementation and it requires special skills.

We have experienced Professional who are specially trained for huge data migration and a proven, iterative methodology that delivers results and lowers project risk for our customers.

At JEBA Software, we offers you a comfortable way of database migration services, which helps you leverage the latest technologies and helps in minimizing the risk of disruption of services during the course of the migration.

We provide an efficient way of "Independent Data Migration Verification" service to provide 100% purity and completeness of data migration services for ERP products.

We also maintain a secure policy in maintaining the purity and integrity of the data when migration takes place.

We provide the Data Migration services with the following benefits:

  • Discovery and analysis of data, detection of hidden risks, location of structural issues.

  • Data can be accessed and delivered quickly and cost-effectively without hand coding.

  • Normalizing of data into target table formats and loading into new systems.

  • After data migration testing is done to ensure that data remains free of damage.

  • Retrieval of metadata from across data integration environments and provision of a visual map of data flows within those environments.

  • Visibility and control for business users to create, manage, and share critical business context in the data migration process.

  • Confidential data is masked before it is moved into new systems during data migration

  • Creation of secure subsets of data from complex databases.

  • Advanced alerting of potential error-producing conditions in the data migration environment by creating rules to watch for these conditions .

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